WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bidi Youth Access Prevention Program


The rise of underage vaping has become a challenge for the vaping industry. As such, Bidi Vapor ensured stringent measures to verify the identity of each customer and prevent unauthorized access to our Bidi Sticks by underage vapers.

We do not offer free samples and products through vending machines, and we regularly go through our online content to ensure that we heavily discourage underage followers and only cater towards adult vapers and smokers.

We also want to call on you, our direct retailers, to take a stand with us on our advocacy against underage vaping. Being part of the authorized direct retailers of our products, we need you to work with Bidi Vapor as we protect our youth from the dangers of underage vaping.

To assist you in doing this, we need you to sign the Retailer Pledge. Your salespeople must also require each customer to present a valid government-issued identification card, which indicates their age and other necessary information. You also have the right to put the transaction on hold when in doubt of the customer’s age eligibility.

Responsible Product Marketing

Bidi Vapor Shows How It Should Be Done

Bidi Vapor has taken all the necessary steps to combat the rampant underage use of vapor products. Aside from the child-proof packaging and business-like design, we have implemented security measures to curb underage vape users from accessing the Bidi Stick. From our strict age verification process during product purchase to our identity verification system during delivery, we stand by the message that we do not want any underage clients to access vape products.

Bidi Vapor also consistently implements responsible and conscious marketing techniques so as not to target and/or engage adolescents on any advertisements and other marketing strategies. This is in compliance with all labeling and packaging regulations set by the government, which includes addictiveness warning statements of nicotine.

Our Bidi Stick is exclusively for adult vape users and smokers. It is in no way intended for the use of adolescents and individuals under the age of 21.

Bidi Vapor stays updated and aware of the established prevention campaigns against youth access of vape products, and stands firmly by this advocacy. We are deeply committed to uphold and adhere to these regulations from the state laws of California and prevent minors from having access to the Bidi Stick. We are also actively involved in the prohibition of sales to minors by implementing effective age restrictions, both online and offline. Our strict verification methods help restrict product sales to anyone who is under the required legal age.

We do our best to prevent underage vaping online since about 86% of underage vape sales come from purchases over the Internet. However, Bidi Vapor has lesser control over underage sales offline, thus we fully place our trust in our brand partners to implement the stringent measures to prevent our youth from accessing the Bidi Sticks.

Thus, we call upon you to commit fully on the prevention of underage vaping in the direct retail and wholesale level. We are deeply thankful for the important role you play in carrying out and ensuring that our advocacy is in place, every step of the way.

Multi-Level Age Verification Efforts

Bidi Vapor takes the issue of underage vaping seriously. As such, we implemented a multi-level age verification system, which includes online, delivery, and in-store procedures.

In our website, we installed an age-gate pop-up box, and transactions for purchase are exclusively for adults. We do this by requiring the customer to provide a government-issued identification card with their age. We are also collaborating with a third-party age-verification company to confirm if the information is true.

Upon delivery, we require the customer to present a valid government-issued identification card with their age, and to sign with a signature that matches the one in the ID presented.

For more information about our online and delivery age-verification systems for retail customers, click here.

For the direct retailer and wholesaler level, we strongly require you to follow the guidelines below:

  • Bidi Vapor created a Retailer Pledge that direct retailers must sign, which contains the terms on purchasing and reselling the Bidi Stick. This applies for all Bidi Vapor direct retailers, however, we strongly encourage our wholesalers to aid in any way possible to prevent distribution to minors.

  • Based on the terms, you must uphold the age verification process in your stores and commit to checking the customer’s identification before any transaction.

  • You have the authority to put the transaction on hold when in doubt or until the customer’s age is verified.

  • Mystery Shoppers will be sent to direct retailer shops to check on their compliance. Failure to comply will lead to the cancellation of orders and reselling rights.

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