WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bidi Vapor Advisory: Beware of Counterfeit Products

Bidi Vapor Advisory: Beware of Counterfeit Products

Bidi Vapor warns the public against fake products for their safety and assures customers how to authenticate their BIDI® Stick.

Recently, a video surfaced showing a building or facility where operations of what seems to be a manufacturing and packaging plant of the BIDI® Stick. At first glance, the operation seems legitimate. But upon closer inspection, you will notice that these are counterfeit products. The illegal manufacturers have gotten frighteningly good that they have even copied the new packaging. 

Here goes what is intensely feared to be a black market operation of the BIDI® Stick by unscrupulous traders.

Fearing people falling victim to the proliferation of fake goods, Bidi Vapor has launched campaigns and advisories to inform consumers of the prevalence of these bootleg products. The company has also instilled technologies to combat counterfeit products in the BIDI® Stick itself. It has launched initiatives and drives to vigorously deliver the knowledge to its loyal customers and business partners.

Counterfeit products use substandard materials with low to zero quality control. Illegal manufacturers and counterfeiters produce fake products that are not up to standards and could cause physical harm to consumers. Using cheap raw materials will make their profit margins heftier. They couldn’t care less about rules, regulations, or customer safety because they are only after a quick buck. 

This worries Bidi Vapor. Thus, the company issued advisories to warn consumers and its partners of the potential hazards of purchasing fake products. Fortunately, Bidi Vapor has employed anti-counterfeit technology on its products for easy authentication.

Bidi Vapor believes that it is their responsibility to protect consumers by giving them the knowledge and tools to safeguard themselves from counterfeit products.

Here are the methods you can use to check to see if you have a genuine BIDI® Stick:

Authentication Sticker

These are found on single packs and 10-Pack sales packages. An authentication sticker is carefully placed on the packaging. The lack of this specific sticker is a clear sign of a fake product

Water Test

Using a drop of water on the sticker’s blue area and then wiping it off after a few seconds should make the BIDI® logo disappear. After it dries up, the logo should re-appear. If none of these happen, then the product is a fake. 

Pen-Smear Test

Using a pen, write on the sticker, and then smudge the ink. The logo should turn the same color as the ink you used. 

Authentication Code

Peeling off the authentication sticker reveals a QR code underneath. Scan the code to receive your unique authentication code. On the authentication page, input your code in the text field provided and then click the “Authenticate” button. A pop-up message should appear notifying you of your product’s authenticity or otherwise.

Image alt text: Steps in authenticating the BIDI® Stick

What an Authentic BIDI® Stick Is

The BIDI®  Stick culminated in years of research and development to produce a premium nicotine delivery system for adults. Each part of the device was closely engineered to deliver a unique experience. 

This was achieved by using top-quality, grade-A materials in the build of the device. Its manufacturing is closely guarded and follows strict redundancies to ensure operational efficiency in delivering a quality product. 

Each component of the BIDI® Stick was carefully chosen not for the price but for their value. Like the batteries, some components might seem expensive than other devices, but it carries unparalleled value to the product. Quality comes at a price, and for Bidi Vapor’s customers and partners, quality always comes first. 

Be Smart And Vigilant  

Bidi Vapor also strongly advises consumers and partners alike to remain vigilant and purchase only from authorized retail partners. The company also encourages everyone to closely inspect the products before purchasing to avoid falling victim to counterfeit BIDI® Sticks.

It is also highly advised that if you or anyone you know has information about illegal activities such as these, you immediately report them. Properly document the illegal product by taking photos, the location where the product was bought, and noting other pertinent information that proves it is unlawful or a fake. Get in touch with us, and we will get in touch with the authorities ourselves. 

Together we can put a stop to these counterfeit and illegal trade. We ask your help to safeguard the integrity of the industry and the protection of consumers. 

To authenticate your BIDI® Stick, go to https://bidivapor.com/authenticate-new-packaging

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