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Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy


Cancellation Policy

We only accept cancellations of orders before the tracking information is generated, which
usually happens within 24 hours of submitting the order online or through other methods. If
you wish to cancel your order, please contact the Customer Support Team immediately so we
may verify if the tracking information is already generated.

Return Policy

All sales are final, except in the rare event of a defective, malfunctioning, or non-functioning product. In the event that a product that you purchased from Kaival is returned to you by your customer within 30 days of such customer purchase and the customer claims such product is defective, malfunctioning or non-functioning, then you may return such product to Kaival within 30 days of receiving such return, provided that the requested return is also within 180 days of your purchase of that product from Kaival. What constitutes “defective, malfunctioning, or nonfunctioning” shall be determined in Kaival’s good faith discretion.

Kaival will only accept a return of defective products when purchased from wholesale.bidivapor.com or Kaival. Kaival will require proof of purchase. You may find your purchase history via your online account.

Kaival does not handle any returns or credits for products not purchased from Kaival. If you purchased a product from a distributor or wholesaler, you must address your request for return to them, and their policies will apply.

Please also see the “Credit Policy” section below.

Credit Policy

To be eligible for a credit, you must first have complied with the return policy related to the reason for your return.

Your compensation from Kaival for such repurchase of inventory shall not exceed the amount of inventory purchased by you in the last 60 days, or the price actually paid to Kaival for such purchases when made.

Compensation for returns shall be, at Kaival’s discretion, applied in one or more of the following fashions:(i) a credit applied to an open invoice, if any, or (ii) a credit on your account with Kaival to be used for future purchases. In either case, the maximum credit that may be applied collectively to an open invoice (if any) and to future orders is up to 50% of the cost of goods (e.g., the credit shall not apply to shipping charges), until such credits are exhausted.

Any marketing or other compensation associated with a product so returned may be set off against such credit such that you are returned to the state before you had purchased such product and do not receive more than the price actually paid for the product.

To submit a return request, please email your Kaival sales representative. You must be able to verify your purchase and the date of the customer’s purchase (as appliable or requested). You may be given a return authorization number. Do not mail us any products without prior authorization. Unless otherwise specified above or requested, you must ship back the to-be-returned item(s) within fourteen (14) days after notifying us of your request for a credit.

Kaival reserves the right to withhold credit until we have received the purchased item to verify the return policy has been complied with. No credit memo(s) will be issued for items not shipped back within fourteen (14) days of notifying Kaival that you would like to return the items for a credit.

Kaival will not reimburse you for any supplemental costs other than the standard delivery
shipping fee offered by us at the time of your purchase. Kaival is not liable to credit any
additional costs resulting from your preference of delivery type other than the standard delivery
type we offered at the time of your purchase.

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ACH Authorization and Agreement (“Authorization”)

I represent and warrant that I am the authorized owner, or an authorized agent of the authorized owner, on the checking or savings account provided by me to Kaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc. (“Kaival”) through www.bidivapor.com or its affiliate web pages (the “Site”). By clicking the “Accept” button below, I hereby authorize Kaival to withdraw the purchase price(s) specified in the applicable order confirmation(s) issued and duly executed by Kaival (“Confirmation(s)”), on the payment date(s) specified in the applicable Confirmation(s), by electronic funds transfer from the checking or savings account provided by me to the Site (the “Authorized Account”), in order to make the Requisite Payments to Kaival in exchange for products sold by or through the Site.

“Requisite Payments” means the amounts I am required to pay under the applicable sales agreement by and between myself (or my associated entity) and Kaival (the “Sales Agreement”) and the associated Confirmation(s), including any additional charges I owe, such as delivery, tax, or late fees. If the applicable due date falls on a weekend or holiday, my payment will be processed on the next business day.

I agree that this Authorization shall remain in effect, and Kaival may retain my Authorized Account information, until I am notified by Kaival that they are terminating my Requisite Payments, or until three (3) business days following the date on which I notify Kaival, in writing, that I wish to revoke this Authorization. I acknowledge and agree that revocation of my authorization does not cause a revocation or alteration of the applicable Sales Agreement or Confirmation.

I understand that Kaival may restrict or terminate payment under this Authorization, in the event that I am in default of the applicable Sales Agreement, and/or if there are insufficient funds in my checking or savings account, among other reasons.

I acknowledge that I have received a copy of this Authorization.

In the event an error is made in any ACH transfer, I hereby authorize Kaival to make any necessary transfers, to or from my Authorized Account, in order to correct the error.

I acknowledge and agree that electronic funds transfers will be made to the financial institution and account number supplied by me through the Site, and I acknowledge and agree that any errors in the provision of such information to the Site shall be solely my responsibility. I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Kaival in connection with any damages arising from such errors.

I acknowledge and agree that Kaival shall not be responsible for any aspect of the payment transaction following the point when my designated financial institution receives or has control of the payment transaction. Any loss or damage resulting from the loss of data or funds following my designated financial institution’s receipt of payment (or control of payment) shall be solely my responsibility, or the responsibility of my designated financial institution.

I acknowledge that Kaival shall be responsible for employing commercially reasonable means to safeguard my data, but shall not be responsible for any virus, data breach, theft, glitch, error, force majeure, or related event affecting my Authorized Account information, so long as such commercially reasonable means are employed.

This Authorization shall be governed by the Sales Agreement then in effect between me (or my affiliated entity) and Kaival. In the absence of an effective Sales Agreement, this Authorization shall be governed by the terms and conditions of sale set forth on the Site at the time of my signature below.


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