Great news!

We are happy to announce that Bidi Vapor has been granted a stay order by the FDA.

Which means all 11 flavors of the BIDI®️ Stick are now legal to market and distribute as the FDA is currently reviewing the previously released MDO.


BIDI® Stick
Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

The BIDI® Stick is a small disposable vape device with a 280 mAh cellphone-grade battery. For this reason, BIDI® Stick does not have any buttons and does not require charging any refills. It is developed with an on-draw activation mechanism and is filled with 1.4 ml of premium e-liquid with 6% Nicotine. When the BIDI® Stick is depleted of its liquid, it can simply be recycled, via the BIDI® Cares Program.

The BIDI® Stick has a medical-grade absorption pad. It also delivers a smooth nicotine transfer with 6% Class A nicotine per volume and does not require refilling nor recharging.

The BIDI® Stick is activated when the user draws from it. It has no buttons, does not require any settings, and is ready to be used straight out of its packaging. It is also created with a unique mechanism of being able to deliver an accurate dose of e-liquid in every draw.
The BIDI® Stick’s 280 mAh cellphone-grade battery will endure for a significant amount of time until all the e-liquid is consumed.
Yes. BIDI® Sticks can be stored in your carry-on luggage or in your pocket. However, we recommend checking with the airlines you are traveling with to verify whether you may take your BIDI® Stick with you inside the plane cabinet.
The BIDI® Stick comes with 1.4 ml (84g) Premium SaltNic E-liquid with a 6% Class A Nicotine (60 mg/ml) concentration.
The BIDI® Stick will accommodate any style that is preferred by the user. It has a tight draw that allows for a smooth throat hit, and it produces a satisfying amount of vapor.

Bidi Vapor is currently available in the United States. The company was also approved to expand the distribution of BIDI® Stick products to a total of 11 countries as it completed the regulatory process in entering seven additional international markets. These countries include Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Moreover, Bidi Vapor will soon be available for distribution in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Kaival Brands is the exclusive distributor of Bidi Vapor. To know more about Kaival Brands, click here.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Bidi Vapor. You can become our wholesale and direct retail partner by creating an account here.

To receive wholesaler or direct retailer pricing, you must become one of our wholesaler or direct retailer partners first. You can register here.

Yes. Any orders placed after 3 PM EST will be processed the following business day.

You may visit the “Partner With Us” page in the menu to start creating your account with Bidi Vapor. You can also click here to register.

Firstly, we will ask for your business and personal information for contact purposes. To register, you will also need to submit certificates applicable to your state. These certificates can include a Wholesale License, Nicotine Reselling License, or other certificates to prove that you are an authorized nicotine-product seller. Moreover, as a Bidi Vapor wholesaler or direct retailer, we will ask you to sign our Wholesaler & Direct Retailer Agreement. The agreement includes terms to ensure you share the same responsibilities in restricting the youth from accessing Bidi Vapor products and that you are in strict compliance with all regulations regarding the selling of nicotine products. You can read more about the Wholesaler & Direct Retailer Agreement here.

Once your registration has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation from Bidi Vapor. Please note that the email approval can take up to two business days. If it is not in your inbox after three days, check your spam folder. You can also send an email to so we can assist you in getting a new invitation.

Upon receiving the email invitation, click the link provided. You will be redirected to the wholesale log-in page Registration.

  1. Once you are on the wholesale log-in page,  you can now create your login details.
  2. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions along with the Preferred Vendors Agreement to understand the legal limitations of the responsibility of both parties.
  3. Click the agreement button at the bottom of the pop-up document.
  4. After creating your login details, confirm your registration by clicking the LOGIN button. You may now access your Bidi Vapor wholesale log-in page!

Remember that your login email is the same email you used when you placed your order. Do not forget to confirm and ensure that your provided mailing address, email address, and phone contact information are all active and updated to receive automatic shipping and order status updates. For more detailed and visual information, watch the instructional video here.

As a Bidi Vapor partner, you are required to uphold strict age verification measures to limit underage access to Bidi Vapor products. Bidi Vapor understands the implications and negative impacts of underage vaping, and we firmly take a stand against it.

For brick and mortar/in-person sales via retail stores, these are some of the terms:

  1. Do not offer any free samples.
  2. Do not sell products through vending machines.
  3. You must require each customer to present a valid government-issued identification card that indicates their age and other necessary information. 

To learn more about the specific terms about age restricting measures, you can see our Wholesaler & Direct Retailer Agreement here.

The BIDI® Stick is made with high-quality components that are recyclable. We recommend that you visit the BIDI® Cares Program page to help us save the environment by recycling your BIDI® Sticks with us. For every 10 BIDI® Sticks you return, we give you 1 FREE as a thank you gift for doing your part in saving the planet.
BIDI® Cares is an environmentally friendly initiative launched by BIDI® Vapor to move towards sustainable vaping. BIDI® Vapor created the BIDI® Stick to reveal the future of vaping with a more environmentally friendly vaping device. To further our efforts to save the planet, we encourage you to get involved by recycling your used BIDI® Sticks. To show our gratitude for your sustainable choice we will give you a free BIDI® Stick at your next purchase as a token of appreciation for your efforts.

You can learn more on our website Here you can also find out how you can get involved, and even get a BIDI® Stick in return for your efforts!

ADVISORY: We will temporarily stop all sales and shipping of Bidi Vapor products from March 27-31, 2021, due to systems upgrades and tax integration. We will resume regular business operations on April 1, 2021.

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