Great news!

We are happy to announce that Bidi Vapor has been granted a stay order by the FDA.

Which means all 11 flavors of the BIDI®️ Stick are now legal to market and distribute as the FDA is currently reviewing the previously released MDO.

Bidi Vapor Supports the Battle Against Covid-19

Bidi Vapor Supports the Battle Against Covid 19

At Bidi Vapor, your health and safety is our priority. We are committed to protecting not only the continuity of your convenient transactions but also your health and wellness. We already implemented a protocol that encourages all company stakeholders to practice extra precautions, good hygiene, and proper handling of products.

Here are also some friendly, comprehensive reminders as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Let’s start by protecting yourself from the risks:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds often or whenever necessary. Use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, if soap and water are not available.
  2. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose with unwashed hands.
  3. In the meantime, avoid close contact with people, especially those who are sick.
  4. Although wearing a face mask is not necessary, you should wear one if you’re taking care of someone who is sick. Properly discard the face mask after use.

In case you’re under the weather, here are things that you can do:

  1. Stay at home as much as possible, except to get medical attention.
  2. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. Use a tissue or the inside of your elbow.
  3. Throw used tissues in the trash immediately.
  4. Clean your hands with soap and water or a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
  5. When you’re around other people, use a face mask.

If you’re exhibiting symptoms of the COVID-19 illness, it is advisable not to panic and proactively do these things:

  1. Get tested immediately. To find out the nearest test site, enter your zipcode here.
    • According to the CDC, if applicable, visit the nearest clinics instead of crowded, large facilities to avoid further risks
    • Testing and treatments are FREE
  2. If you’re a confirmed COVID-19 patient, it is important to follow all medical protocols as advised by the health-care staff.
    • Do home isolation for 14 days, if advised, to help stop the spread of the virus
    • Cooperate fully with your health-care providers
    • According to the CDC, if applicable, visit the nearest clinics instead of crowded, large facilities to avoid further risks
    • Testing and treatments are FREE

Lastly, it is essential to maintain a clean environment. Disinfect the surfaces you frequently touch, such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, desks, keyboards, phones, faucets, and sinks. If the surface is dirty, use a detergent and water before disinfection. Once done, you can use most of the EPA-registered household disinfectants, but remember to use appropriate products for different surfaces.

Bidi Vapor is continuously monitoring the situation. We will keep you posted on any news and development that warrant your attention. With our collective efforts, we can all get through this challenging time together.

Take care always.

Nirajkumar Patel
CEO, Bidi Vapor

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ADVISORY: We will temporarily stop all sales and shipping of Bidi Vapor products from March 27-31, 2021, due to systems upgrades and tax integration. We will resume regular business operations on April 1, 2021.

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